This week, I wanted to let everyone know about Dynamic Range Day. It’s coming up on Friday, the 25th. What is Dynamic Range Day, you ask? Using social networking, Dynamic Range Day is a way of bringing awareness to the fact that dynamic music sounds better than super-loud, over-compressed music, and is a day of online protest as a way to fight against the loudness war.

What is the loudness war?
Ever since the 80’s, music has been getting louder and louder. It has basically been the result of artists and labels battling to make their music the loudest on the radio.  These days, it has gotten to the point where music is pretty much as loud as it can possibly be at all times. All the dynamics, or changes in volume, are squashed out, leaving everything pretty much at one volume; very loud. It can be tiring to listen to, even irritating. Justin Bieber’s new album is technically louder than bands like AC/DC and Motorhead, clearly something is wrong here.. Metallica’s album, Death Magnetic, is so loud that it clips and distorts, it sounds like crap and even their fans don’t like it.

I’ve heard people say things like “..for some reason, I just like old music better…” This probably means that they actually don’t like how new music sounds, because it lacks the dynamics that were present in older recordings.

This image from wikipedia shows different remasterings of ‘Something’ by the Beatles since the 80’s

And this video gives an excellent explaination of how music is damaged by over-compression:

Anyway, dynamic music sounds better, so fight the loudness war and link to on facebook or twitter or wherever. And if you enter the competition you could win some prizes.

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